Was My Tree Service Done Right?

This is a tough question. Unlike plumbers, mechanics, or other trades where it tends to be apparent if work was done well, good tree work might be harder to see. One of the best compliments someone can give our professional St. Louis tree pruning arborist is: “Gee, it does not look like you did anything to that tree at all, but there sure is a lot of brush in the back of the truck.” Any tree that is properly pruned should still look like a tree. Removing interior branches to increase airflow without creating large holes in the canopy or reducing the size of the tree without making large cuts are signs of professional work.

Plant Health Care

Just like people, plants can get sick or just not perform 100%. Plant Health Care (PHC) is a proactive, ongoing approach to assess your plants and give them what they need to thrive, not just survive.

All plants need sun, water, air, nutrients, room to grow. Some plants need more of these things than others. Sometimes plants do poorly because they were planted in a location that does not meet their requirements. Even if plants have everything they need, sometimes plants get stressed from injury,
environmental stress, or insects.